About Us

At MetaMetrics, we are . . .

. . . focused on improving education. We create technology and services that differentiate instruction and personalize learning. For over twenty years, our work has been increasingly recognized worldwide for its distinctive value.

Our Mission

MetaMetrics is deeply committed to improving teaching and learning. We believe in the power of education to enrich lives, strengthen communities, and increase opportunity worldwide. We strive to deliver exceptional insight, value, and capability through our work to make lasting contributions in education. However, we are driven to help individuals succeed in achieving their unique goals at every stage in their development.


Our Work

MetaMetrics develops educational measurement scales and technologies that help differentiate instruction and personalize learning. Our current products for reading, writing, and mathematics connect test results with instructional resources to enhance teaching and learning. Our scales enable more meaningful assessment and interpretations of progress, while our range of services help to deliver the benefits to learners.

Examples of things we do include:

  • Linking educational assessments with our measurement scales
  • Analyzing books and other resources to enhance their educational utility
  • Studying the demands of academic and workplace environments
  • Producing internet-based services that promote differentiated practice
  • Providing research and development for diverse clients in education
  • Presenting our research and its applications around the world

If you are interested in exploring ways that we can help enhance your educational services and offerings, or to inquire about a presentation or training opportunity, please contact us.


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