Air Travel


Air Travel

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage suggests things to do to make air travel easier.


Air travel can be very exciting. Several things can ensure smooth flying. Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure for check-in and security screening. This way, you can proceed unrushed to your gate. Most airlines allow only one carry-on piece of luggage, which must be small enough to fit in an overhead bin and another personal item, like a purse. All other luggage is given at the ticket counter and travels in the belly of the airplane. Checked luggage can be received at your final destination. There are weight restrictions on the amount your bag can weigh. Check with the airline before packing your bag. Be sure to take government-issued photo identification such as a photo ID to check in for in-country flights. Valid passports are required for international flights, and often visas are required as well. Check with your destination country's embassy for requirements.