Causes of the Civil War


Causes of the Civil War

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passages discusses the causes of the Civil War.


The Civil War happened in America. It was when people in America fought with each other. There were two sides in the war. One was the North. The other was the South. They fought for many reasons. One reason was slaves. Slaves were people who were owned by other people to do work. The South wanted slaves to be allowed in new states. The North did not. Also, the South thought the president had too much power. It wanted states to have more power to make laws. This was called states' rights. One more reason was the kind of jobs people had. The South had many farms. The North had many factories. The South did not want factories. It was scared factories would replace farms. It did not want that. The North and the South could not agree about these things. That is why they went to war.