The Civil War


The Civil War

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage describes how the Civil War began and discusses the two sides that were involved.


The Civil War took place in the United States. It was when people in America fought with each other. The Civil War started in 1861. It lasted four years. It ended in 1865. There were two sides of people in the war. One side was the Union. The Union was another name for the United States. The other side was the Confederacy. The Confederacy used to be part of the Union. It left the Union to make a new country. At first, the Confederacy won more battles in the war than the Union. It had better army leaders. Then, after two years, the Union won more battles. It had more soldiers. It also had more food and supplies for the soldiers. The Union won the war. The Union told the Confederacy it could not be a country anymore. It had to join the United States again. It did.