Swing Music


Swing Music

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage talks about the birth of a new type of music during the Depression called "swing music."


The 1930s were tough years for the United States. The United States was in a depression. Men and women lost their jobs. Many businesses closed. Families didn't have much food. Life was very hard. Music helped people during these tough times. It lifted their spirits. It made them feel better. During the 1930s, big bands formed. The bands had up to 16 musicians. Band members played trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and the piano. Big band songs were loud, fun, and fast. The music was very upbeat. It was easy to dance to. It was called "big band swing." It was an exciting new form of jazz. In the 1930s, people didn't have money to buy records. Most Americans didn't go to dance halls. They did listen to the radio. It was free. The radio helped millions of Americans discover swing music. They loved it. Swing became the most popular music of the time.