Lincoln Memorial


Lincoln Memorial

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This passage discusses the creation of the Lincoln Memorial.


The Lincoln Memorial is in Washington, D.C. It took seven years to build. Building began in 1915. It was finished in 1922. It was built to honor President Abraham Lincoln. The building is shaped like a Greek temple. It is made of marble. Inside, there is a large sculpture of Lincoln. He is sitting in a chair. The sculpture was done by Daniel Chester French. The inside walls have inscriptions. The Gettysburg Address is written on one wall. Lincoln's second inaugural speech is written on another wall. A picture of the memorial is on U.S. money. It is on the back of the five dollar bill. It is also on the back of the penny. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech at the Lincoln Memorial. It was his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Many tourists visit the memorial. It is an important historical place.