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This passage is about the fictional character, Tarzan.


Tarzan is a famous fictional character. He was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a writer. He wrote many stories and novels. Tarzan is Edgar Rice Burroughs' most famous character. There have been many movies, TV shows, and comic books about Tarzan. Edgar Rice Burroughs created Tarzan in 1912. His first appearance was in a novel Burroughs wrote about Tarzan. Tarzan's parents were British. They were wealthy. They died in a shipwreck when Tarzan was a baby. Tarzan was stranded in Africa as a baby. He was raised by apes. He grew up to become "lord of the jungle." His real name is John Clayton. Tarzan is his ape name. Tarzan had many adventures in the jungle. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote 24 Tarzan novels. Edgar Rice Burroughs died in 1950. Today, Tarzan is one of the most famous characters ever created.