Stacey and Maria Find Money


Stacey and Maria Find Money

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage is about two girls who find a large sum of money on the street.


Stacey and Maria couldn't believe their good luck. A hundred-dollar bill was on the sidewalk. It was right under the front tire of Stacey's bicycle. The two girls put the kickstands down on their bikes. Stacey slid the money out from under the tire. The girls danced with joy. Then, Maria stopped dancing. She told Stacey that they should take the money over to Mr. Morton's store. They should see if someone had lost it. Stacey agreed. But she wasn't happy about it. When they went into Mr. Morton's store, a short, old woman was talking to Mr. Morton. She was very upset. She had lost a hundred-dollar bill. Stacey walked up and handed the money to the woman. The woman hugged Stacey. She hugged Maria. The girls went back to ride their bikes. They knew they had done the right thing.