Princess Anastasia


Princess Anastasia

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage discusses the mystery of the disappearance and "reappearance" of Princess Anastasia of Russia.


In 1917, a revolution started in Russia. People didn't want the czar to rule any longer. They made the czar give up his throne. The czar and his family were taken from their royal palace. They became prisoners. In 1918, the royal family was murdered. Four years later, a woman claimed she was Princess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the czar. Was it possible? Did Princess Anastasia survive? Relatives, doctors, and friends of the czar met the woman. They interviewed her about her life. Some people believed she was Princess Anastasia. Others believed she was lying. No one could say for sure if she was Princess Anastasia. It was a real-life mystery. Many years later, DNA tests proved that the woman wasn't Princess Anastasia. She had been lying. The mystery was finally solved. Or was it? In 1991, bones from the royal family were uncovered. Surprisingly, Princess Anastasia's were missing!