Ghost Kitten


Ghost Kitten

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage is about a little girl who mistakes her new kitten for a ghost.


Molly had always heard of ghosts. Her friend, Zelda, said they were the spirits of dead people trying to contact their families. Her mother said there is no such thing as ghosts. Molly was not sure what to believe. The night before her seventh birthday, she went to bed and heard a scratching sound on her bedroom door. She peeked out from her blanket and asked if anyone was there. Nobody answered. Her parents were fast asleep in their room. Molly thought about what her friend Zelda told her. Molly shivered with fear. The scratching sound continued. Molly decided to be brave and open the door. She turned the door knob slowly and looked out in the hallway. There was no one! Then something pounced on her feet! Molly screamed. She looked down at her feet at a tiny kitten. It was a new kitten that her parents bought her for her birthday the next day!