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This passage is about the creation of the state of Georgia.


In 1733, many people in England had a problem. They did not have much money. They could not pay their bills. These people were called debtors. The debtors went to jail. Some nice, rich people wanted to help the debtors. They paid for the debtors to build a city in America. The debtors sailed to America. They landed in Charles Town. It was a city near the ocean. They left Charles Town. They settled in a new place. They named this new place Georgia. Georgia was named after King George II. He was the King of England at that time. The debtors began to build the city. They lived in four big tents while they built the city. The city was Savannah. Many years later, the people in Georgia did not want to have a king anymore. They joined other people in America to fight to be free from a king.