Marvin's Face


Marvin's Face

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage describes how a boy feels when he oversleeps.


When Marvin overslept, he felt as though he awoke without certain parts of his face. It was as though they had decided to get up, have their coffee, and read the paper without him. Sometimes, Marvin feared that his facial parts might race off to catch the train. He thought he might find his ears down under the covers at the edge of the bed. They would look as though they were about to leap. What if his nose would inevitably bob in the coffee pot and sniff for caffeine? What if his eyeballs rolled around on the front page of the newspaper? Luckily, Marvin's facial parts remained attached to his face by the time he got out of bed. However, he still found the experience of waking up late highly disconcerting.