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This passage is about the settling of the first colony, Jamestown.


In 1607, England sent colonists to Virginia. Colonists were people who left their home country to live in a new place that was owned by their home country. The colonists landed in Virginia in May. They built a city. The city was Jamestown. Life in Jamestown was hard. Many people got sick. Crops did not grow. Many people died. Then Captain John Smith became the leader. Things got better. He made the colonists build houses. He also made friends with the Native Americans who lived nearby. The Native Americans taught the colonists how to grow corn. Now the colonists had safe places to live and food to eat. Some colonists still did not like Jamestown. They got on a boat to go back to England. Before they left Virginia, they saw other boats. These boats were going to Jamestown to bring the colonists food and supplies. So the colonists stayed in Jamestown.