King Tut


King Tut

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This passage discusses the possible causes for the death of King Tut.


Scientists in Egypt can finally tell us the truth behind the death of King Tut. King Tut's 3,300-year-old tomb was discovered in 1922. No one could say how the 19-year-old king died. To find out, King Tut's mummy was x-rayed in 1968. The x-rays showed King Tut's bones. The bones in his head were fractured. Some concluded King Tut was fatally hit in the head. However, new pictures tell a different story. Recently King Tut was taken from his royal tomb. He was put on a scanner to scan his skull. The scanner sent 1,700 images to a computer. With the computer, scientists could examine King Tut from every angle. And he wouldn't be damaged. Scientists now agree King Tut wasn't killed by a blow to his head. They can't agree on how he died. Perhaps King Tut was poisoned. Maybe he got a deadly infection. There is more to investigate before this case is closed.