The Lost Colony


The Lost Colony

By MetaMetrics Inc.

This passage is about a colony in Virginia that disappeared. It was called The Lost Colony.


In 1587, England sent colonists to America. Colonists were people who left their home country to live in a new place that was owned by their home country. In August, the colonists landed in Roanoke. Roanoke was a colony in Virginia. Captain John White was the leader of the colonists. His daughter was a colonist too. She had a baby. She named the baby Virginia after the place where the colonists lived. Later, John White went back to England to get food and supplies for the colonists. His daughter and the other colonists did not go with him. When he got to England, England went to war and did not let him go back to Roanoke. He had to wait three years to go back. When he got to Roanoke, all of the colonists were gone. No one knows what happened to them. That is why they are called the Lost Colony.