Tips for Long Trips


Tips for Long Trips

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This passage discusses things you can do to help pass the time on a long trip.


Coping on long trips can be difficult because the journey seems like it will never end. Before leaving home, gather items that will entertain you during any boring parts of the trip. Music, books, and travel-size games are all items that can keep you entertained and make the time pass by more quickly. A comfortable travel-size pillow or small pillow can ensure a more enjoyable nap if you are tired. Small blankets or sweaters can be helpful in regulating personal temperature in case you get too cold. A few edible treats that won't spoil easily or create a mess might be handy in those moments you are hungry but can't stop for a meal. Long trips are sometimes good times to work on a small project such as writing in a notebook or reading about a particular subject. They are also good for making memories with your other travelers.