The Lusitania


The Lusitania

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This passage is about a boat called the Lusitania, which was sunk during World War I.


In 1915, England and Germany were not friends. They were fighting in a war. It was World War I. America was not in the war. It did not want to fight. England owned a big boat. It was called the Lusitania. It carried people and goods back and forth from place to place. It was not a war boat. On May 7, it was in the ocean near England. German U-boats were in the ocean too. U-boats were submarines. Submarines are underwater boats. U-boats were war boats. They were not supposed to fight boats like the Lusitania. One U-boat did fight the Lusitania. The Lusitania did not win. It sank. Many Americans died. That made people in America mad. They wanted to fight Germany. The President in America told Germany not to fight boats like the Lusitania. Germany did not listen. So two years later America went to war with Germany.