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This passage discusses the ancient language of hieroglyphs used by the Egyptians.


Egyptian writers used hieroglyphs 5,000 years ago. Back then, writers didn't use letters. They used hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are pictures. Ancient writers used 700 different pictures. They carved the pictures on buildings and papyrus. Papyrus is an old kind of paper. Many years later, Egyptians started using Arabic. The picture language died out. No one could read or write the pictures anymore. The picture language was lost forever. Or was it? In 1799, an important discovery was made. Soldiers were digging in Northern Egypt. They found a stone. People were very excited. The stone was very old. It had lots of writing on it. There were three languages on the stone. The first was in pictures. The second was in Greek. The third was in another old language. Specialists used the Greek part to break the picture code. They translated all the writing. What did the stone say? It was a thank you card!