Going to Camp


Going to Camp

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This passage talks about a boy's anxiety about leaving for camp.


Jake finished packing up his belongings. He had started with his clothes. Then, he packed some pictures. He gathered the supplies in his closet. He gathered the new things his parents bought him. He had two new flashlights. He had some plastic storage bins. He had a new sleeping bag too. Jake would be sleeping in his bunk tomorrow night. He was going to camp. He still couldn't believe it. Was school really over for the summer? Jake was nervous. What if he didn't make friends? He had lots of friends in school. What if he didn't like his roommates? He had to live with them all summer. What if he didn't like the activities? At least the camp wasn't far away. It was only a two-hour drive. He could always come home if things got too rough. It was nice to know that his family was still close by.