Hail Storm


Hail Storm

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This passage is about a girl who never experienced a hail storm before.


One day, Mary and her mom were driving in the car. It was a cloudy day. The sky was gray. Soon, it started to rain. Mary liked the rain. It sounded nice as it hit the roof of the car. The rain washed everything. Suddenly, the sound of the rain changed. It got louder. Mary wasn't sure what was going on. Were some really big raindrops hitting the car? Mary's mom told her not to worry. She said it was just hail. Mary didn't know what hail was. So, her mom explained it to her. Mary learned that hail is frozen rain. When it is colder, rain or snow can freeze into small balls. This is called hail. Hail is harder than rain, so it makes a louder noise. Mary wasn't sure about hail. She wanted to know if it was dangerous. Her mom said it can be if the balls of ice are really big. But, then her mom told her they weren't in the dangerous hail. It was small. Mary felt better.