Favorite Teacher


Favorite Teacher

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This passage describes the relationship between a student and his favorite teacher.


Mr. Hall was Leo's favorite teacher. But not everyone liked Mr. Hall. Leo couldn't understand why. Mr. Hall taught algebra at Leo's school. Maybe the other students just didn't like algebra. Sometimes Mr. Hall wore weird ties to class. Maybe the students thought he dressed funny. Leo didn't care. Mr. Hall was nice to him. Leo was having problems with algebra this year. He didn't know what to do. So he decided to talk to Mr. Hall about it. Mr. Hall told him that he could help him. But Leo would have to stay after school. Leo wasn't happy. But he stayed for extra help. Mr. Hall told funny jokes. And Leo learned that they had the same hobby. They both liked old cars from the 1950s. Leo thought Mr. Hall was a good teacher. But he was also a nice person.