Tonya's Snow Day


Tonya's Snow Day

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This passage is about all the clothes Tonya wears to go play in the snow.


Tonya was ready. She was ready for the snow. It had snowed all night. School was cancelled. Her parents let her sleep late. Tonya had a warm breakfast of oatmeal with brown sugar. Then it was time to bundle up. First she put on two pairs of socks. Then she wriggled into two pairs of pants. She shoved her feet down into boots. Next Tonya put on two t-shirts. She tucked them in tightly. Then she put on a sweater and a coat. Mittens and a hat topped off the outfit. She could barely move. She was exhausted. And she hadn't even gone outside yet! How would she throw snowballs? How would she make a snow fort? She could hardly bend over from the bulk of all the clothes. Her mother told Tonya that her brother was outside waiting for her. Tonya brightened immediately; she was happy to throw snowballs at him. She trudged out the door into the white world.