Quiet Time


Quiet Time

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This passage is about how students use their quiet time before class starts.


Jennifer loved her teacher's ritual. Before each class they had two minutes of quiet time. Eileen sorted through her papers. She pulled out everything that was due that day. Scott flipped through the reading homework. He tried to remember what he'd read. Rachel finished her math homework. She hadn't done the extra credit questions. Jennifer, however, didn't use the time for homework. She laid her head on her desk. She closed her eyes. She took deep breaths. She could smell cleaner on the desktop. Papers rustled. Jennifer could hear Paul rolling his pencil across his desk. She tried to clear her mind. Mrs. Wall walked to the front of the classroom. At exactly two minutes past, class began. Jennifer looked up. She felt better. She was ready for the day. Mrs. Wall had them get out their spelling books. They always followed quiet time with a quiz.