Hank's New Pogo Stick


Hank's New Pogo Stick

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This passage is about how a pogo stick changed Hank's recess time.


Hank loved recess. He used to sit in the field and read. He loved the smell of the grass. He loved the sunshine. And he loved reading. The teachers asked him why he didn't play. He told them that he just loved reading. But then he received a gift that changed his life. He received a pogo stick. It was just like the one his father had when he was young. It was a stick with footpads and a handle. It had a spring on the bottom, which he used to bounce up and down. Now he spent recess balanced on the footpads. He hopped around the basketball courts. He hopped around the sandbox. He hopped around the monkey bars. He hopped past the girls who were jumping rope. Hank still loved recess. Now he loved it for another reason. He loved to jump on his pogo stick.