Maggie and her Grandmother


Maggie and her Grandmother

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This passage is about Maggie and how she loves to visit her grandmother.


Maggie loved visiting her grandmother. Maggie lived on the east side of the hill. Her grandmother lived just west of the hill. Maggie would slip out the back door. She cut across the backyard. Then she took the trail up the hill. At the top of the little hill was a big rock. Her brothers loved to climb on it. She hurried down the other side. Her grandmother's house was almost at the bottom. It was surrounded by trees. Her grandfather had put swings in four of the trees. She saw her youngest brother swinging on one. She waved to him as she passed. Her grandmother had rocking chairs on the porch. They had lots of pillows on them. Maggie found her grandmother sitting in one. A glass of iced tea sat on the porch railing. Almost all the ice had melted. Her grandmother smiled at her. Maggie sat in the empty rocking chair.