Garnet's Baby Brother


Garnet's Baby Brother

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This passage is about Garnet, when her baby brother comes home.


Garnet paced the floor. She walked back and forth in front of the window. She kept looking at the road and the driveway. Her parents would be home any minute. With them was her little brother, Patrick. Patrick was three days old. He'd never been to his house before. Garnet had seen him in the hospital. But she knew life with him would be different. And from the time she saw them turn the corner, she felt her life changing. She felt older, more like a big sister. Her grandpa had been dozing in the recliner. The car doors opened and closed. Grandpa sat up suddenly. He looked around, blinking. Finally he looked at Garnet. He asked her if she was ready to be a big sister, just as the front door opened. Garnet turned, ready to welcome Patrick home.