Sick Day


Sick Day

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This passage is about Larry, who had been sick.


Larry sat in the recliner. His cat, Snuffles, was curled on his lap. Larry loved the warm weight of the cat. He had been sick, and today he was feeling better. He was surrounded by blankets, but he was out of bed. The television cast different-colored lights around the room. Larry had muted it. He hadn't been watching the game show anyway. His book lay on the armrest. He'd stopped reading it to look out the window. Other kids were coming home from school. They skipped down the sidewalk. They jumped over the cracks. A group of boys raced down the street. One of the girls yelled at them as they passed. But the boys ignored her and raced on. Larry wished he could race with the boys. He was a fast runner. After a minute of watching, Larry sighed. He had to get better first.