Magic Show


Magic Show

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This passage is about the magic show Amanda sees.


Amanda's jaw dropped. There had been a puff of smoke. The magician had disappeared. The smoke swirled on the empty stage. Then there was another puff of smoke and a flash. Suddenly the magician was back. He smiled and twitched his mustache. Then he said that his favorite color was red. He liked everything to be red. Pulling up the leg of his pants, he pointed to his black sock. "This will not do," he said. He dropped his pants leg and tapped it with his wand. He pulled the leg of his pants back up. His sock was now red! Then he asked for a volunteer. Amanda raised her hand. The magician saw that she was excited. He chose Amanda and brought her onstage. He put a penny in her hand. Amanda squeezed it in her fist. He waved his wand around. She took a deep breath and opened her hand. She now held a quarter.